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If you are here you’ve probably already heard of Pilates. Or maybe you might even think you know Pilates: a combination of movement that make you stronger and corrects your posture. However, general classes are not always the best choice as everybody’s needs are unique. This is why my approach is to teach individually tailored Pilates, based on your lifestyle, either in group or individual sessions.

You sit in an office chair all day?

I have you covered.

Running around all day?

No problem

Think you are getting too old to exercise?

Think again

Baby on the way or just arrived?

Little ones can join, too

Pilates can be for everyone, but it needs to be customized for each person so you can benefit the most. What I promise is to help you reconnect to your body in a mindful way. No boring workouts, just fun, enjoyment and learning.

Come, join me, experience the relief of a pain free body and mind.

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